It is important that promotional gifts give customers what they want, especially in the current climate when times are tough for shoppers.

Writing for UTalkMarketing, Chris Baldwin, marketing director at Mando, recently said that promotions typically reflect a brand's needs rather than the consumer's, however, this is shifting due to the economic mood.

He suggested that brands need to make sure that their promotions give something to the customer and ensure that they get some sort of payback for buying the product, like cashback or a coupon.

“The important thing about these types of promotions is that they are all about guaranteed rewards,” he added.

A similar mindset could be applied to promotional gifts. The more likely a customer is to need or want a branded product, the more likely they are to think positively about the company which gave it to them.

This means it is important to consider the consumer when selecting what promotional gifts to offer. Are they into gadgets? If so a printed USB stick might be just the thing. Or if they are an eco-conscious group, a printed bag is both good for the environment and useful.

1 Baldwin, Chris 'Why we are seeing a shift in focus for promotional marketers', UTalkMarketing, April 26th 2011.

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield