We’re just finalising arrangements to add these 4 furry chaps to our teddy bear range – BUT we need to decide on a name. Each will also be getting a white bandana (like a neckerchief – think Brownies or Scouts!)

Thoughts from team here include

  • Alfie
  • Coffee Bears – White, Black, Mocha, Cappuccino
  • Spencer
  • Theo
  • The Cub Collection
  • Scout Bear – Loyal Bear, Kind Bear, Cheerful Bear & Brave Bear
  • Sleuth Bear (as a sleuth of bears is the name for a group of bears)
  • Sunshine Bear
  • Toffee Bear
  • Tea Bear
  • Coconut Bear
  • Ginger Bear
  • The Spice Bears (family) – Cinnamon Bear, Coco Bear, Cardamom Bear, Salt Bear
  • Ash, Oak, Maple, Birch
  • Named after four seasons (in Japanese) – Haru, Natsu, Aki, Fuyu
  • Snuggles – Mocha, Dark Brown, Light Brown, White
  • Cuddles – Mocha, Dark Brown, Light Brown, White
  • Chocolate Bear – Dark, Milk, White, Hazelnut

and a jokey one from the boss (Robin) who went with Antonio ‘Band’eras (!)

Should we go with one of the above – or can you think of something else we can consider! RSVP!