As I said yesterday, I’m preparing for a holiday, last night I was trying to get organised and dragged the cases out of the loft. If you’re anything like me you’ll keep some things in your case that you always take on holiday and many of them are likely to be promotional items you’ve collected over the years!

I always ensure we pack a first aid kit so I was glad that was inside. For the beach I found suncream, a beach ball and a catch the ball type of beach game. And also inside was the rucksack we always take as hand luggage with our playing cards and a notebook and pen (in which I write down how many times I beat my husband at cards!)

Other great items for beach holidays are those that indicate when the UV rays are at their most harmful; amongst others we offer UV cards, UV bags and a UV watch that can be personalised with your logo and message.

And of course, as the old tv show used to shout : I musn’t forget my toothbrush!