Just one in three organisations completely understand the function and purpose of brand marketing, a new poll has found.

A survey by Marketing Week revealed 34.8 per cent of marketers believe their role is fully understood by their company.

This, they said, means it is as placed at the heart of their firm’s operations and seen as an investment.

Meanwhile, 50.2 per cent of marketers said marketing is only “somewhat understood” across their wider organisation.

A further 13.5 per cent said marketing is not understood at all by colleagues in other departments.

Commenting on the findings, Chief Marketing Officer at UKTV Zoe Clapp believes the language used by marketers is one reason for this lack of understanding.

“We use so much jargon and what we’re trying to do is a very simple thing,” she commented.

“We’re trying to grow market share and grow the business.”

Kenny Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer at Ryanair, added that figures showing less than half of travel and leisure firms completely understand marketing is a surprise.

This, he said, is because it is an industry where “communication plays a key role”.

“It’s a very competitive consumer category, so communicating what your product is, what the value is and your proposition to your target consumer is central to every single travel business,” Mr Jacobs stated.

Only a third of businesses completely understand marketing, Marketing Week