The new year will no doubt see an influx of technological advances in marketing as firms continue to embrace social media and the internet, however, one expert also predicts that 2011 will see a return to a more traditional way of doing things.

Writing for UTalkMarketing, Mike Spencer, chief executive officer of the Pulse Group, said that clients will want to see a proven return on their investment, something which is simple to achieve with direct mail.

He added that consumers will also want to be increasingly involved in the marketing process, rather than simply being given information.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly fickle, demanding and active, wanting to feel a part of the marketing process rather than just being marketed to. Brands have to respond to this and agencies need to keep up in order to facilitate this,” Mr Spencer continued.

We think that a great way to get customers feeling involved in marketing is to send them promotional gifts alongside direct mail communications.

If they have a cotton shopper bag or a branded USB stick they can keep and use, they are likely to feel more involved with a company.
1 Mike Spencer, ‘How ideas, intelligence and engagement will shape marketing in 2011‘,, December 31st 2010