Immersive video formats such as 360-degree videos are likely to be a major revenue stream in the coming months.

This is the view of 55 per cent of buyers and sellers polled in the UK by AOL for its new State of the Industry Video report.

Figures showed that that one in five consumers in the UK watch virtual reality video at least once a week.

In addition, more than three-fifths said they believe virtual reality can find a place in the digital video mix in the future.

Stuart Flint, Managing Director at AOL UK, commented: “When it comes to new formats, consumer appetite is still in its infancy.

“Advertisers and publishers have an opportunity to flex their creative muscle and tailor content to serve their audiences’ needs and interests.”

Mr Flint went on to state that the future lies “firmly in digital video” which means advertisers and publishers must be prepared to enhance the consumer experience by investing in emerging formats.

The proportion of people in the UK watching digital videos on a regular basis was found to have increased recently.

More than half of British consumers said they watch more digital videos today than they did a year ago, while nearly three-quarters said they watch digital videos on various devices every day.

UK consumers tend to favour videos that are fairly short, with nearly two-thirds saying they watch clips that are less than a minute long.

Immersive formats: the next big revenue stream Warc