The World Society for the Protection of Animals has launched a new logo and strapline as part of a new effort to raise awareness of its work.

It will now be known as World Animal Protection and the organisation believes this will help to make more people across the globe familiar with its work and beliefs.

Pippa Rodgers, international director of global communications at the charity, commented: “People did not really understand who we were and what we stood for.

“There wasn’t a bigger picture that linked our work together and that was hindering our efforts.”

However, Ms Rodgers said the organisation now has an ambitious worldwide strategy to end the suffering of animals, which needs to be supported by a strong brand.

She stated that World Animal Protection wants to stand out and establish itself as a global leader that “should be taken seriously”.

“There will be a difference in people’s communications experience of us – this is about having more impact and focusing on the solution we want people to take,” she remarked.

World Animal Protection has worked with Wolff Olins in order to develop its new identity and is planning to present it to the public in various ways, including a direct marketing campaign and via social networking sites.

In addition, a promotional drive linked to a current animal welfare issue is to be launched later this year, so it can highlight an important subject and project its updated brand image at the same time.

The charity’s logo has been designed to resemble a compass, as it believes this helps it appear more dynamic, with a clear idea of the direction in which it wants to head.

Meanwhile, the strapline – “We move the world to protect animals” – has been created to stress that businesses and governments across the world need to get behind its work so it can achieve its goals.

Animal charity overhauls brand to boost awareness levels, Marketing Week

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield