Argos is unveiling new uniforms, overhauling the appearance of its lorries and carrier bags and launching a new marketing campaign in an effort to change its image.

More than £10 million is being spent on the Get Set Go Argos initiative, which will aim to project a more up-to-date brand and draw attention to the digital services it now offers, such as click and collect.

Stephen Vowles, marketing director at Argos, noted that while its online functions have gone down very well with existing customers, wider awareness of these services remains limited.

In addition, he said the company is keen to forge a stronger emotional bond with consumers, so it can drive greater loyalty and make them proud to be associated with it.

“We want people to think and feel differently about the Argos brand,” Mr Vowles commented.

However, he stressed that creating more “heartbeats rather than heartstrings” is its main priority, with a focus on excitement and being able to get products quickly.

Mr Vowles also stated that Argos is keen to position itself as a unique business in a category of one.

This, he said, will be achieved by offering the best service both online and offline, with people able to get “what they want, when and how they want it”.

He added that the combination of the “benefits of digital with the benefits of immediacy and available locally” is quite powerful.

Argos also plans to overhaul its website, mobile apps and the appearance of its in-store tills in order to reflect the new brand identity.

The company’s marketing campaign will aim to engage with consumers via a number of methods, including television advertisements, cinema commercials, outdoor ads, social media updates and digital content.

Argos shouts about digital transformation in biggest ever campaign, Marketing Week

Posted by Robin McCrink