Asthma UK has revealed that it is increasingly using data and customer relationship management tools to engage with its target audience.

According to Kay Boycott, Chief Executive of the charity, data and CRM are now being talked about as much as posting content on digital platforms.

“While creative content has a valuable role to play, the skills the team most want to invest in now are in the areas of segmentation, analytics and CRM,” she commented.

“We recognise that this won’t happen overnight but we believe it will have the greatest long-term impact.”

Jonathan Simmons, Director at digital agency Zone, is one advocate of this approach, as he believes charities possess large quantities of information that could be useful.

However, he noted that many organisations do not possess the skills to use this data effectively and are therefore missing out on potential engagement opportunities.

Mr Simmons acknowledged that digital-based campaigns such as the Ice Bucket Challenge have been “brilliant.” as they show the “power of digital” in a way that everyone can understand. Nevertheless, he said charities should not “try and emulate it by spending more money trying to create viral content.”

Charities plot digital shake-up to break from social media groove, The Drum

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield