Customer loyalty is all the rage. A key customer retention tool, such schemes are used to reward regular customers, making them feel special and important.

In turn, they encourage loyal behaviour – meaning those customers will keep on coming back.

But given the plethora of such schemes out there – you only need walk into a coffee shop or major high street retailer to see one in operation – how to stand out from the crowd?

One way could be to bring promotional items into your loyalty offerings.

Think about it. Let's say you're a small business rolling out a loyalty card – why not also give out promotional keyrings with your company logo printed on?

This way the customer can keep the card attached to the keyring – making it easier for them to carry around and use. And with your company logo printed on it, they're unlikely to forget you.

Or maybe your scheme gives a customer something back when they buy a certain number of items – a free cup of coffee or sandwich, say.

Why not give them a free promotional mug to take back to home or to the office?

Posted by Robin McCrink