The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) will hold its inaugural Promotional Products Week later this year.

Taking place between September 16th and 20th to coincide with the pre-Christmas buying season, the event is designed to highlight the value of promotional items, demonstrating why they should be important parts of any marketing strategy.

At £765 million, the promotional product sector is worth more than the UK online dating industry (£700 million), and nearly 600 members of the BPMA (including 4imprint!) will be supporting the week in September.

A marketing campaign to promote the week will take place before the event. This will be alongside advertising spots in marketing media, a new logo and an educational website.

Gordon Glenister, direct-general of the BPMA, said promotional merchandise is about much more than just giving people a free product to enjoy, stating that if it is used correctly, the strategy can deliver a powerful advertising message.

He commented: “Our research showed that branded gifts can deliver higher or equal return on investment than most forms of advertising.”

BPMA launches first ever Promotional Products Week, Promotional Merchandise

Posted by Robin McCrink