Marketing messages must be authentic and well-communicated if they are to stand out, an expert has stated.

According to Craig Greenberg, Head of Strategic Planning and Insight at whisky distillery William Grant & Sons UK, consumers are “constantly bombarded” with information across various channels.

This, he said, means brands are increasingly aiming to “cut through the clutter to become more memorable.”

However, Mr Greenberg believes many marketing messages will fall flat unless they are genuine and “communicated in the right way.”

“For example, we are seeing the launch of a lot of gins with headline-grabbing properties, such as ‘anti-ageing gin’,” he observed.

“These may pick up instant interest, but it is brands that have a differentiator aligned with their brand heritage in a credible way that will win in the long term.”

Mr Greenberg also predicted that consumers will start seeking brands that “build on their identity” during 2018.

He said this means there will be a “bigger push towards local specificity in luxury brands.”

Mr Greenberg added that amid an ongoing spell of uncertainty, big brands could start to feel “detached from a sense of place” and therefore aim to build closer connections to communities.

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