Brands – and the promotional gifts used to endorse them – must be family friendly if they are to become an integral part of home life.

According to Marketing Week, a number of high-profile, big business brands are already using their marketing expertise to effectively target specific families, and small and medium-sized enterprises should follow suit if they want to become a household name in their area.

New research from the marketing industry news provider shows that there are generally three types of family in the UK and any marketing material that makes it through their doors need to be pitched at one of these three ideals.

The first is the family that rates brands highly and sees quality brands as adding a certain amount of status to their household.

Marketing Week claims the second type of family is far more practical and appreciates products and promotional items that are functional and that show their own merit.

The third type is the family that sees brands as aspirational, life-changing entities. This group is associated with lower income and less disposable cash.

The key is making sure you understand which type of consumer you are targeting with your promotional products marketing campaign to ensure you don't alienate potential customers.