Marketers have been encouraged to consider the benefits of using Snapchat as a promotional tool.

According to Jason Chebib, Vice President of consumer planning for Diageo, the number of brands “competing for attention” on Snapchat is relatively small.

As a result, he believes firms will have “far less competition in the struggle to get noticed on Snapchat than on Facebook.”

Mr Chebib pointed out that more than 170 million people now use the app, which means if it was a country, it would be the eighth most populous on Earth.

He therefore insisted it can be considered a “serious platform for brand marketing messages.”

“Snapchat has more users than Twitter or Spotify,” he said.

“Snapchatters split neatly 50:50 male to female and spend a credible 20-30 minutes daily on the platform.”

Mr Chebib also pointed out that about a third of Snapchat users are so-called millennials, an audience which is ‘coveted’ by many organisations.

“On a given day, one in five Snapchatters won’t visit Facebook, and nearly half won’t visit YouTube,” he commented.

“If you have specific days of the week, or year, that are important to your brand, this top-up-ability could be a useful tool to have in the kit.”

Mr Chebib went on to point out that Snapchat is particularly effective for creating a sense of urgency, as its “view-and-it’s-gone experience” can work for brands that are putting out a call to action.

He added that since many people now use emojis and visual effects to communicate, Snapchat can offer a way of turning a “more predictable brand visual into a message that connects with a millennial audience in a language it already speaks every day.”

Snapchat: Why marketers should believe the hype and take advantage of the platform The Drum