Speaking out on major social issues could help to boost brand loyalty, a United Nations official believes.

According to Aaron Sherinian, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at the United Nations Foundation, silence on social issues such as sustainability could be the “kiss of death” for brands.

This, he said, is because people may no longer view them as having a neutral view on a certain subject, but instead see them as complicit in causing these problems.

Mr Sherinian stated that young people in particular could be alienated if brands are not seen to take positive action and nail their colour to the mast on prominent social issues.

“They want to know that the big brands that they support in their lives – that are part of their households – that they carry around with them in their pockets – have a stance on what matters to them,” he commented.

Mr Sherinian also warned that a lack of progress on issues including sustainability could be partly blamed on those brands that have not spoken out on the subject.

Indeed, he said customers and clients will look at silent brands and ask them why didn’t they do anything to address a certain issue and take responsibility for their actions.

Mr Sherinian went on to state that marketing will be crucial in conveying a brand’s stance on a particular matter to its target audience.

He added that the UN has been guilty of “a lack of marketing on some of these issues” which he said has led to some “missed opportunities for us.”

Silence on social issues could be the kiss of death for brands, says UN marketing chief The Drum