Brands that successfully engage with their target market on Instagram often have one thing in common – the ability to promote aspirational lifestyles to a wide audience.

This is the view of Romain Ouzeau, Chief Executive of Iconosquare, who said this is true of all the brands that have scored most highly in its list of the most popular British brands on Instagram.

Burberry led the way, with more than ten million followers, ahead of Topshop, Jimmy Choo, ASOS and Jaguar.

Alexander McQueen, Aston Martin, Bentley, Stella McCartney and Rolls-Royce were also on the list.

“A strong social media presence is an essential component of any successful marketing strategy,” Mr Ouzeau said.

“The top ten most popular British brands on Instagram have all been able to successfully promote aspirational lifestyles to a wide audience of people and will reap rewards this holiday season.”

Mr Ouzeau said Burberry should be particularly pleased with its efforts, as this is the second year in succession that it has topped the list.

Furthermore, he noted that the brand has boosted its follower count by more than two million in the last year.

Nevertheless, Iconosquare’s figures suggest the UK’s fashion brands are some way behind their international rivals when it comes to Instagram engagement.

Nike was said to have more than 75.2 million followers on the platform, while 57.7 million Instagram users follow Victoria’s Secret.

Top UK brands on Instagram: Burberry leads the way Netimperative