Organisations that are considering automating aspects of their marketing operations have been urged not to lose the human touch.

According to Andy Edge, commercial director at Odeon, it can be easy for brands to spend a large share of their marketing budget on technology in order to automate any promotional activity.

However, he insisted it is important for those with limited sums of money to avoid going too heavily in this direction.

“Our budget is not huge – it is single digit millions, and it could be easy to spend so much money on systems and software solutions,” Mr Edge said

Nevertheless, he believes that brands with a relatively small budget would be better off focusing on how to achieve “the right blend of tools and techniques” without “losing sight of intuition and experience and belief”.

Mr Edge also pointed out that automating processes too heavily could lead to these tools taking away “some of the intellectual brain power of marketing”. This, he said, could lead to marketers falling into “the trap of not looking ahead enough”.

Brands were advised that they need to do more than simply be aware of what is happening at any given time. Indeed, Mr Edge insisted they must also constantly ask themselves why certain things are occurring and speculate as to how circumstances might pan out in the future.

“I am not sure we always spend enough time doing that,” he added.

How brands can make a big noise with a small budget, Marketing Week

Posted by Robin McCrink