B2B marketers have been reminded that decision-makers at the firms they target can still be swayed by their emotions.

According to Joel House, Founder and Director of Black Shirt Marketing, many organisations fail to remember that business people are still human beings.

This means that their decisions and actions can still be instinctive and emotionally driven, rather than entirely motivated by facts and figures.

Mr House therefore believes that B2B marketers should aim to capitalise on this by announcing special deals every few months.

“Make a special offer to your client base and list at least once a quarter,” he commented.

“It could be a free analysis which gets your foot in the door, or a discount on a product package that you offer.”

Mr House said this failure to remember that business people still make emotional decisions is a common mistake among B2B marketers.

Indeed, he stated that it is one of several errors that are frequently made “across the board” by everyone from accountants to product distributors.

Mr House also flagged up not having an adequate online presence as another common shortcoming.

He insisted it is essential for firms to be visible on Google regardless of their size, as otherwise they are “simply handing a large amount of revenue directly to your competition.”

Businesses were encouraged to get in touch with an SEO company and ask it to run an audit on their website.

“If you don’t appear number one for at least your business name, then you have big problems,” Mr House warned.

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