Brand messaging needs to be high on the agenda for anyone who is starting a new business, an expert has stated.

According to Sweta Patel, a start-up marketing advisor at Global Marketing Tactics, how a new firm promotes itself is a critical part of creating a successful venture.

Indeed, she said offering a great product is not enough on its own in order to deliver positive results.

Ms Patel has therefore urged business start-ups to focus on how they market their brand and think carefully about what message they want to put across.

“Do you even know why your start-up solves a problem?” she asked.

“Why does your target audience absolutely need this? Why are you so passionate about the start-up in the first place?

“All these questions create the core story.”

Ms Patel acknowledged that coming up with answers can initially be overwhelming. However, she stated that brand messaging is “everything” to a firm, as how a firm portrays itself determines its positioning in its industry.

Businesses were encouraged to look at their main rivals and write a list of the services and qualities they are best known for.

Ms Patel said this could help start-ups determine what attributes they wish to be known for, so they can work out where to position themselves in their sector.

Entrepreneurs were also advised not to focus on reaching a mass audience too quickly, as concentrating on a “selected few” at first can provide better foundations for success.

Ms Patel said that concentrating on early users can enable start-ups to study them properly and build strong case studies.

These, she stated, can then be placed prominently on a company’s website, as it will show prospective customers a firm can do its job effectively and to people’s satisfaction.

Ms Patel added that since the marketplace is becoming increasingly saturated, start-ups need to identify what makes them different to their rivals and not be afraid of going “against the current”.

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Posted by Robin McCrink