Companies have been advised that the lines between digital and traditional forms of marketing are becoming increasingly blurred.

According to Brian Streich, international marketing director at StubHub Integrated Marketing, brands must look beyond making sure a campaign is coordinated across different channels.

Instead, he argued that marketers must work together in order to understand how one channel affects another, as well as how customers engage with their organisation.

“For example, direct response channels need to work closely with social and brand to ensure we’re leveraging content or campaigns and understanding the ancillary value,” Mr Streich commented.

Speaking to the Guardian, he noted that with the distinction between traditional and digital marketing becoming more and more unclear, companies should be less channel-focused.

Instead, Mr Streich suggested that brands adopt a more holistic approach. He added that if marketers fail to do this, they will be at risk of being left behind.

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Posted by Robin McCrink