A burger restaurant in Canada has seen customers eagerly purchasing t-shirts bearing its logo.

Jeff Camacho set up Burger Revolution in Ontario in 2012 and quickly found that it was too hot to wear a chef’s jacket in the kitchen, Canadian Restaurant News reports.

He therefore had bespoke t-shirts printed featuring the company logo for his workforce, so they could still be seen to be wearing a uniform.

However, a growing number of customers subsequently started enquiring about the t-shirts.

As a result, Mr Camacho paid to get more printed, so they could be purchased by eager diners who liked the logo.

“One of the customers said ‘those shirts are ill, and we want to support you guys’,” he said.

“After we printed off the shirts for the staff, we just kept reprinting and everyone just kept buying them.”

The t-shirts have proved so successful that Mr Camacho has broadened the range to include bandanas, headbands, sweaters and even onesies, all prominently displaying the Burger Revolution logo.

“It’s kind of cool,” Mr Camacho observed.

“I still see kids wearing the headbands. When they come here, they wear it to show they’ve got it.”

Mr Camacho went on to reveal that the promotional clothing is not only generating a slight profit, but is also helping to boost his brand visibility online.

Indeed, he said that many diners post pictures of the shirts on social media, including those who are simply passing through the area and stopping off for something to eat.

“If people see the shirt, they take a picture and post it on Instagram,” he stated. 

“It’s amazing for us, we love seeing that, we want to know how far it can go.”

Mr Camacho added that Burger Revolution shirts have been spotted far and wide, in locations as varied as Dublin and the Philippines.

“We’re a small company and we just love seeing people wearing it,” he remarked.

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