The advantages of high street charity shops have been espoused by Cancer Research UK.

According to Abby White, who runs a charity shop near Nottingham, retail outlets act as the public face of third sector groups in town and city centres.

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, she said this means they can not only raise money for a good cause, but also help charities engage with consumers.

“They enable us to communicate important messages about prevention and early diagnosis of the disease directly to the public,” she commented.

Charity shops may therefore be ideal places for third sector bodies to sell promotional merchandise, such as keyrings and mugs, as these could encourage consumers to donate to them again in the future, perhaps on a more regular basis.

Ms White added that people go to charity shops looking for good quality items, with ladies’ clothing and books proving particularly popular at the moment. In addition, charity shops are a great way of recycling and prevent items that can be used by someone else ending up in landfill, many larger shops often also arrange collection of larger items like furniture items.

Charity shops proving place to bag bargains, Nottingham Post

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield