The Royal Wedding this April is more than just a matrimonial celebration – it is an extended national event.

Recent figures from the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) forecasts that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials will provide a £515.5 million boost to the UK economy.

Promotional items – like souvenir plates and clocks – will bring in an extra £222 million on their own, the CRR believes.

So, it looks like whatever happens, using official events – like the Royal Wedding – as marketing tools is going to get you noticed.

However, has warned firms of the dangers of using inappropriate promotional items when cashing in on national events.

The website cited the example of the Royal Wedding garden gnomes, which give out all the wrong signals.

“Sense of humour is, of course, important; it’s one of the factors that contribute to giving a brand a personality… but the personality must always match that of the brand’s natural customer base,” the news provider claimed.

In other words, think Royal Family not Royle Family.

1 Tuesday, February 23rd 2011.