If you're thinking of changing the layout or colour scheme of the office, think how you could use promotional items to engage your staff in this important process.

Office environment is crucial to a happy workforce – a well-designed, laid-out and appropriately coloured environment helps staff feel content and can be a boost to their productivity.

As office space changes, many companies will be thinking about changing their workplace design – be it a move to open-plan or the introduction of a 'chill-out' zone.

“Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind about office design is to do it with the staff rather than to them,” said Kevin Friery, clinical director at Right Management Workplace Wellness.

“Consult and engage should be the golden rule. When it comes to staff opinions, unanimity is hard to come by and perhaps nowhere more so than in the sense of aesthetics; on the other hand, staff need to be involved in decisions about their working environment.”

Use promotional merchandise to get your staff on board right from the get-go, helping them feel like a vital cog in the transformative process.

Have a meeting where you give staff promotional pens and branded notepads so they can jot down ideas. Get hold of some branded USBs for the chill-out zone. Distribute some printed pencils on each new desk in the open-plan office. Lots of possibilities…

Posted by Robin McCrink