Recently, report after report on the charity sector has pointed towards a major drought in donations. Following the recession, and bearing in mind the ongoing global economic turmoil, people have started to reconsider the amount they give to good causes.

According to Guardian Professional contributor Hannah Terry, charities must do everything in their power to boost supporter numbers and increase the amount that individual donors are giving.

She pointed to the UK Giving 2010 report, which was published today by the Charities Aid Foundation and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations.

The report shows that donations have increased by £400 million year-on-year – to £10.6 billion. However, once inflation is taken into account, charities are £700 million worse off than they were before the recession.

She said that “widening the base of donors who give, particularly in currently under-represented groups, and finding ways to maximise the potential of donors who are likely to give sporadically or spontaneously” is essential if the charitable sector – which is being subjected to unprecedented demand – is going to be able to cope.

Charities wanting to remind lapsed members that their donations are welcome can send them mail-outs that contain promotional gifts and information about their charity's current projects. The promotional gift will help the message stick in a person's mind.

1 Terrey, Hannah. “Terrey: We must promote the cause of charitable giving“. Guardian Professional, December 3rd 2010.