Charities have been urged to make it simpler for people to donate funds online.

According to research by Dunham+Company and Next After, the online channel accounts for about six per cent of total charitable gifts in the US.

However, the organisations believe this figure could be much higher if they remove the “unnecessary roadblocks to donors giving online”.

For example, figures showed that nearly two-thirds of charities expect online donors to navigate through at least three pages in order to give money.

“More than two-thirds of online transactions are being abandoned,” said Rick Dunham, chief executive and president of Dunham+Company.

“[We] believe there are millions – if not billions – of dollars being left on the table.”

The research also discovered that charities are missing out on donations because they are failing to engage with members of the public.

For instance, figures showed that nearly eight in ten charities do not personalise emails to subscribers, while many fail to contact people in the weeks after they have signed up to their mailing list.

Nonprofits Receive Poor Grades In Study of Online Fundraising, PR Newswire

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield