When it comes to getting your brand noticed by your customers and business partners, you have to create a logo that is polished, informative and memorable.

However, there's another consideration to take into account! With the marketing industry split between traditional promotions, like TV advertising and branded promotional gifts, and virtual channels, like pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimisation, it's vital that any branding can be used consistently – no matter what it is applied to.

The Co-op is one such firm looking for brand consistency, and it is currently changing the look of its Future Travel division to ensure it appeals to online consumers as well as industry professionals – and we would encourage the firm to make promotional gifts a core consideration during its rebranding exercise.

Jane Atkins, managing director of the Co-op's Personal Travel Advisors division, said the Co-op had given a lot of thought to the travel business rebrand.

“Not least because Future Travel was an established and successful brand for those in the travel trade. It was, however, largely unknown to the holiday-buying consumer,” she said.

For the Co-op, the rebranding is the first port of call before the company shifts towards a more consumer-focussed business model.

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