Coca-Cola has unveiled new branding for all of its products, which will see all Trademark Coke products – Coca-Cola, Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Light, Coke Zero and Coca-Cola Life – revert to its iconic red packaging.

This will first be rolled out in Mexico in May, with additional markets seeing this implemented throughout 2016 and 2017.

Now, rather than each of the products having its own branding, they will all have the trademark red disk, with just a small proportion of the can or bottle retaining its own product colour.

In a blog post, Coca-Cola’s VP of Global Design James Sommerville said: “During our design process, we saw the Red Disc as the one design element that could unite the trademark visually. Coca-Cola – any Coca-Cola – is refreshing, uplifting and delicious … and the presence of the Red Disc on our new packaging communicates that message.”

He went on to add that, being the first time in 130 years that the brand has shared its visual identity across all products and media, Coca-Cola wanted to ensure that the Red Disk was more prominent than other elements associated with the brand. 

However, due to the large following that the brand has in the USA, the change is not yet planned to take place in this nation. Diet Coke is a particularly popular item in the USA, so the company plans to keep the silver can in circulation there for the time being.

Coke Packaging Gets a New Look: Global Design VP Explains Thinking Behind ‘One-Brand’ Graphics Coca-Cola