Workers wanting to spark up a bit of banter in the office should reach for their promotional mugs.

According to new research from hot drinks specialist Alterra Coffee Roasters, 65 per cent of office workers drink coffee during their working week and the average person knocks back three cups per day.

What's more 38 per cent of those surveyed by the firm said that they would not be able to make it through the day without a promotional mug filled with the bitter-sweet java.

And handing out promotional mugs to office workers could actually boost morale and get staff working harder.

The survey found that 30 per cent felt more focused and productive once they'd had a cup of the hot stuff.

Commenting on the new study, Biz Bits: said: “Coffee not only benefits employees but also office culture.”

“The coffee pot has displaced the water cooler as the primary location to interact with co-workers,” it added.

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