Brands that are devising a new logo have been urged to focus on three key areas: colours, shapes and sounds.

According to Heather Andrew, Chief Executive of market research specialist Neuro-Insight, these are three “iconic triggers” that the brain uses to identify brands.

As a result, she believes colours, shapes and sounds should be foremost in the minds of whoever is designing a new logo.

“The most effective logos are the ones that pull as many of those levers as possible,” Ms Andrew commented.

She went on to state that logos with a consistent shape and colour scheme also tend to perform strongly in terms of their recognisability and impact.

Ms Andrew highlighted Intel as a particularly good example of a successful logo, as it is both visually recognisable and often accompanied by a sound on many promotional platforms, such as TV and online adverts.

“The two things will work together,” she observed.

Apple was also highlighted as a brand with a strong logo, partly because it has become associated with certain colours.

Nike was flagged up as another good example, as its distinctive swoosh is very simple and can be rendered in many different ways.

Ms Andrew went on to state that the least successful logos tend to be those that depend on a person reading them, rather than recognising a colour or shape, along with those that are not clear from a distance.

“If you look at a good logo, you need to be able to step back 20 feet and still say what that logo is,” she said.

“So it’s the simple ones that have an iconic shape, iconic colour, and if you can attach a sound to it as well, so much the better.”

The perfect company logo should have these 3 key features, Business Insider UK