The importance of a company logo should not be underestimated, as those which are successful can become iconic and those that are not can prevent a firm from reaching its potential.

A well designed logo will be emblazoned onto all types of promotional merchandise and be linked with the brand and easily recognised.

Robert Passikoff, president of Brand Keys Inc, said: “Logos are a symbol of who you are, a rallying point, an identification of the company that lets you stand out from others.”

In an article for the Associated Press, examples of logos which have become ubiquitous include the golden arches of McDonald's and the bitten apple of the technology company sporting the same name.

Before having promotional items printed up it is a good idea to make sure the logo has the appropriate attributes to convey the company's message.

Getting customer feedback and doing market research is a good idea, though companies should also not be afraid to change their logo if it seems necessary.

This may be because the industry in which it is situated has in itself evolved and a new logo can reflect this and keep up with key trends.

Or it could be that the logo simply isn't doing its job to the best of its potential and is easily confused with others.

Effective logos must translate well across a variety of different media more so now than ever before.

This means that the logo will be printed at the top of a letterhead, on a promotional pen, or even on corporate clothing, but must also look good in digital form for online and mobile platforms.

Companies should not be constantly changing their logos as this can cause confusion and prevent a lack of consistency with a brand.

Any business which has a strong history and tradition should also think about what may be lost if they changed their logo, even if it is to make them appear up-to-date.

A new logo is a good opportunity to create hype around a brand however, and it is important to launch it with a strong campaign.

Organisations can back up launches by handing out promotional products printed with their new logo.

Coverage is vitally important as there is will be no chance of a logo becoming iconic if nobody knows what it is.

A strong logo must be backed up with a strong marketing campaign and before long it will be well known to everyone and be able to represent the company as a standalone image.

Posted by Robin McCrink

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