Brands have been urged to speak with an “authentic” voice in any content marketing campaigns.

According to Craig Inglis, Marketing Director at John Lewis, many organisations are becoming keen on the idea of spreading their message and ethos via content marketing. However, he said some are getting “so caught up in this stuff” that it sometimes leads to “unnatural behaviour”.

Nevertheless, he stated there are some notable brands that are doing it well. Mr Inglis singled out department store Selfridges as an example of a firm that is using content marketing particularly effectively.

Indeed, he said its campaigns have been “pretty remarkable” and “really set the bar high”.

He acknowledged that making an impression on a target audience can be difficult right now, since there is so much content out there vying for people’s attention.

However, Mr Inglis said the best way to achieve cut-through in the current environment is to base any content around “big powerful ideas”.

Organisations were also advised that while analysing metrics can be a good way to see if a content marketing strategy is yielding results, this is not the only way to measure success.

Mr Inglis said “leaps of faith” are also part of the equation when trying to achieve a positive outcome.

John Lewis marketing boss Craig Inglis: ‘Be authentic and look for the big idea’, Marketing

Posted by Robin McCrink