Brands that are using content marketing to engage with their audience could benefit from posting material with a practical value, a new study suggests.

According to research carried out by MEC for the Content Marketing Association (CMA), written content that can be of genuine use to readers – such as how-to guides – gets more shares from social media users than any other type of editorial content.

The study noted that many people share this kind of article because of its practical value, while many believe doing so helps show their “personal brand” in a positive light.

Ben McKay, Managing Director of MEC Organic Performance, said: “This feels like a very powerful area for brands to influence.”

Andrew Hirsch, Chairman of the CMA, added that content works harder for brands than any other type of promotional material and is capable of delivering deeper and longer-lasting changes.

He noted that his organisation has been working to push this message to organisations for many years. “Now the spread of data  – not just the tools and the literacy, but in terms of clients’ willingness to enter the space between point of sale and customers too – has shown we were right,” Mr Hirsch said.

The latest figures from the CMA show that content marketing accounts for around a quarter of overall marketing spending in the UK, with around £4 million now being spent on this promotional technique.

The effectiveness of content marketing uncovered, Campaign Live

Posted by Robin McCrink