Marketers are set to become increasingly reliant on advanced data analytics in the coming months and years, a new report has suggested.

According to research by IBM, 94 per cent of chief marketing officers expect this approach to play a considerable part in helping them achieve their targets.

The organisation said that by integrating both internal and external data, they will be able to identify key patterns and trends that leave them with a “much deeper understanding” of their customers.

Developing mobile applications looks set to be a particular priority in their efforts to engage with their target audience.

In 2011, 80 per cent of marketing executives predicted that this method would play a significant role in enabling them to meet their objectives during the next three to five years.

However, this figure went up to 94 per cent in this year’s survey – an indication of how businesses and marketers in particular are increasingly getting behind the mobile channel.

John Kennedy, vice-president of marketing at IBM’s Global Business Services division, commented: “Companies across all industries are striving to integrate their physical and digital presence in order to provide a more integrated, seamless customer experience.”

Figures from IBM also showed that chief marketing officers are becoming increasingly influential figures within their organisations and playing a bigger part in determining their overall business strategy.

Indeed, 63 per cent of chief executives said they ensure their marketing executive is involved in deciding their company’s approach for the future.

Only chief financial officers were found to be relied on more heavily, with 72 per cent of chief executives turning to them to drive their wider business strategy.

The IBM study went on to show that companies are more likely to see better results if their chief marketing officer has a close working relationship with the chief information officer.

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Posted by Robin McCrink