Brands that are looking to implement personalised marketing campaigns have been urged to make sure their data is as accurate as possible.

According to Marie Myles, Director of Consulting at Experian Marketing Services, there are several things they must know about a customer in order to engage with them on an individual level. For instance, she said they need to know who they are, specifically their gender, age and identity. Ms Myles stated that marketers must also work out what these individuals could potentially mean to them and the extent to which they have previously engaged with their brand. This could include details of their previous behaviour, their tastes and preferences and their content usage habits.

Ms Myles went on to state that this information could then be pooled in a central data management system. She insisted this is “key to successful personalisation”, but acknowledged it is a “complicated task”. “This is where Single Customer View and traditional customer databases collide with digital data management,” Ms Myles commented. “Get each of these elements in the best shape possible before trying to integrate them into a ‘Single Digital View of the Customer’.”

Ms Myles added that brands must define analytical requirements based on their business needs. This, she said, would ensure they are able to see what is going on, what is working and what is not yielding results.

However, Ms Myles pointed out this can only be accomplished if they have sufficient technological capabilities, as getting the right insight at the right time could help drive deployment to the best channels. She added that while “getting personalisation right is by no means an easy task, it is probably more straightforward than you might think”. Indeed, Ms Myles said firms can make it happen if they avoid overcomplicating things and instead “break down [the process] into manageable steps”.

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Posted by Robin McCrink