An Indian designer has designed promotional umbrellas featuring stills and lyrics from Bollywood films in a bid to revive the artists who created the original hand painted posters.

Nida Mahmood, who is based in Delhi, has designed six different umbrellas – one of which features Raj kapoor and Nargis singing the song ‘Pyaar Hua Ikrar Hua’ from Shree 420, which dates back to 1955.

Ms Mahmood said: “You don’t see any interesting umbrellas. They are normally boring ones in solid colours and floral.

“I wanted to put a different spin and have lyrics and stills from rain songs.”

In order to create the umbrellas, she hand painted the design and then had it digitally printed onto the water proof fabric.

Bollywood is a huge business and the colours and styles are perfect for creating iconic promotional umbrellas to cheer up rainy days.

Umbrellas are an adaptable canvas for spreading a promotional message as they offer a large surface area.

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Posted by Robin McCrink