Employers have been urged to plan how they intend to reward their staff at Christmas well in advance. 

According to research by Edenred, 55 per cent of employers give staff a form of reward to mark the festive season.

However, nearly one in three said they start planning this at the last minute, with only a minority getting it organised beforehand.

As a result, many employers could be missing out on an opportunity to genuinely strengthen their relationships with members of staff.

Andy Philpott, Sales and Marketing Director at Edenred, said: “By taking a little more time to consider the kind of reward each employee would most value delivered through as a personal thank you, employers could increase the motivation impact and performance ROI from their end-of-year reward.”

He suggested that bosses take the time to plan end of year rewards and talk to employees about what kind of acknowledgement they would like most.

Mr Philpott added that picking the right form of reward can leave recipients feeling genuinely appreciated.

More than two-thirds of employees surveyed by Edenred revealed that being rewarded at Christmas helps them feel more positively about the company they work for.

However, four in ten bosses admitted that the impact of end of year rewards can be undermined by a lack of communication beforehand.

Just one in ten workers considered a Christmas party an adequate reward at the end of the year, with most preferring more tangible alternatives they could take home.

69% say Christmas rewards boost positivity about employer Employee Benefits.