Many workers could not cope without their daily caffeine fix and find themselves sloping off to a local coffee shop for a quick fix every morning.

But while the coffee at Caffe Nero, Costa or Starbucks may be better than the instant stuff in most offices, a daily dose of expensive coffee is bad for people's wallets and is also bad for the environment thanks to the high volume of cardboard and plastic cups which head back to the office every day.

In total, around 50 billion disposable cups are used each year around the world, with the vast majority of these ending up in landfill.

So how can we encourage workers to enjoy their cups of coffee (or tea if they prefer) in the office rather than on the go?

Promotional mugs may be the answer.

If office workers are guaranteed the use of a nice cup and some decent coffee then they won't be tempted to head for a takeaway beverage. And with the number of hot drinks office workers go through, even in the summer time, firms who send out promotional mugs can be sure they will be put to good use.

One idea for a campaign could be to send out promotional mugs to a potential client, complete with a few packets of decent coffee and a note explaining how using these to create the perfect coffee in the office could benefit both staff and the environment.

This will certainly make them remember you and will also help cement your company's reputation as kind and caring.

A fun alternative could be to send out some promotional travel mugs and suggest that people take them to the coffee shop to be filled if they really can't do without their luxury drink. Many coffee shops also offer a discount if customers take their own travel mug or take away cup – so they can save money as well as being eco-friendly

Posted by Carl Blackshaw