Brands have been advised to engage with customers on a consistent basis if they want them to remain loyal.

According to Matt Kates, vice-president of strategic services at ePrize, there are many ways in which companies can encourage a sense of loyalty among consumers.

For instance, he said they could work to create a “compelling experience surrounding the purchase, including elements like education, the ability to engage and share with friends and cultivating broader discussion among community members”.

Mr Kates stated that this could be particularly useful for those companies that do not expect customers to make purchases on a regular basis, such as car retailers.

He said encouraging loyalty is a constant challenge for the auto industry given that people tend to buy new cars every three to five years.

Firms were advised that regular engagement and introducing reward schemes and bonus incentives could help to address this issue and tempt customers back next time they intend to make a purchase.

How marketers can build loyalty during a long purchase cycle, Econsultancy

Posted by Robin McCrink