Direct mail, which can be ably complemented by promotional products, is increasingly being adopted by fleet companies as their primary marketing method, it has been claimed.

Nick Boddington, managing director at MIB Data Solutions, said while direct mail is seen as an ‘old school’ technique it has many benefits over its more modern, electronic counterparts.

He told Fleet Directory that e-mail – and its easily disposable nature – has turned people off, making them feel desensitised.

While the advantages of e-mail – it is fast and cost-effective – should not be underestimated, the platform is limited because users find it easy to ignore and delete, he explained.

Promotional pens are an effective complement to posted literature, easily slipping inside an envelope.

“The advantage of sending a well-written, individualised letter by post is that the named person tends to open that letter and take a look,” Mr Boddington told the website.

He added that while physical mailshots can be expensive and time consuming, “you do get better results”.

Recent research shows that direct mail is still popular among consumers – according to a recent study by Royal Mail, more than 80 per cent of UK customers like receiving door drops.

More companies adopting snail-mail for fleet marketing“. Fleet Directory.

Posted by Robin McCrink