The RSPCA has praised charities that have appointed marketing and communications specialists to their boards.

According to John Grounds, director of marketing and campaigns at the organisation, these particular charities are among the “most forward-looking” in the third sector.

Indeed, he said they “see these activities as fully integrated into business planning and achievement of business targets”.

Mr Grounds is therefore confident this trend will continue throughout the next decade, partly because of ongoing changes in how people communicate.

He said many new devices and channels are likely to emerge in the coming years, which means charities need to respond to these developments.

However, he cautioned against “jumping on every bandwagon” and urged charities to remember that while digital technology is becoming increasingly prominent, many traditional channels “will remain with us”.

As a result, Mr Grounds has urged charities to continue focusing on what their donors, supporters and members of the public need and expect from them and what is most likely to keep them engaged.

‘Today’s communication might be tomorrow’s old hat’, The Guardian

Posted by Cheryl Jackson-Leafield