Marketers have been encouraged to take advantage of the free research tools that are available.

Tom de Pass, Head of Communications at herbal tea brand Pukka, noted that the internet offers many opportunities for brands to learn about their customers without any expense.

Google’s Analytics service, for instance, allows firms to find out how they are accessing websites, which pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, and much more besides.

Facebook Insights was also highlighted, as it gives account owners the chance to see how well each post on their page is performing and which ones are generating the best responses.

Mr de Pass said these services provide “no end of interesting data” for marketers free of charge.

He went on to state that some non-scientific approaches can be very effective when a business is starting up. 

Indeed, he said Pukka’s founders relied a great deal on “gut instinct” when they were setting up the firm.

However, he said that while intuition can be valuable at this stage, it can only be relied upon for a short time.

“We are aware that we need to know much more about our customers, so we have increased our research budget,” Mr de Pass stated.

“For the first time we are considering qualitative research and we have roles internally that are responsible for research across different areas and categories.”

Mr de Pass went on to point out that Pukka is conscious of the fact that it already has a lot of data, especially online.

“We are focusing on using this to inform future digital marketing strategies,” he added. 

“We are also using research to prove the effectiveness of herbs.”

How to do market research on a small budget, Marketing Week