Brands have been urged to deliver on the basics when it comes to the customer service they provide.

According to research by Verint Systems, consultancy firm Ovum and research company Opinium, nine out of ten consumers feel more positive about brands if they receive good service.

Meanwhile, 81 per cent said they “just want questions answered” when they get in touch with an organisation to raise a query.

How they manage customer data could be crucial in making this happen, as nearly one in three believe their brand interactions are better if a company understands their account history.

Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement at Ovum, believes the findings should be a “wake-up call” for brands, as customers are becoming more demanding and better informed than ever.

“While brands have the ability to precision-target highly personalised communications for every single customer, the study shows what people around the world actually value most are the basics – questions answered with minimal effort on their part” he commented.

However, Mr Cox insisted that brands need to strike the right balance between offering highly customised service and impersonal brand interactions.

This, he said, is because while customers expect to be recognised, they might feel uncomfortable if they feel they are being stalked.

The research went on to suggest offering good service could be decisive in retaining customers. While many will go to brands that offer cheaper prices, 18 per cent of those polled said they will switch to another firm if they deal with rude staff.

Furthermore, 16 per cent said they would consider looking elsewhere if mistakes were made during their interactions with a brand.

As a result, delivering high-quality customer service could tempt people to remain brand loyal, even if an organisation does not necessarily offer the cheapest prices.

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