The coalition government has used a huge number of different techniques to get its message on the Big Society across – but it may have to change tack when it attempts to get the younger generation on board.

Up until now, the Big Society has been promoted through endless ministerial speeches and a plethora of online marketing campaigns, but now the Cabinet Office is developing a campaign which promises to give young people ownership of the country’s future and it may need to engage with them very differently.

Whitehall is trying to promote the National Citizen Service (NCS) as a means of creating a more cohesive society based on volunteering from an early age. Next summer – between June and September 2011 – the Cabinet Office will run a pilot scheme involving 10,000 young volunteers and since it will be working with grassroots organisations it will need to give its NCS programme a solid brand that is easily recognisable.

We think that personalised, promotional packs – including promotional pens and printed USBs, would be a great way of getting the government’s message across.

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