Shoppers who are browsing via a mobile device are more likely to abandon their transaction than those using desktop computers.

According to SaleCycle, 52.3 per cent of all abandonments happen on mobile devices.

Commenting on the findings, SaleCycle said they suggest people are “more than happy to browse and research on mobile, but many still prefer desktop when it comes to actually completing the purchase.”

Nevertheless, this could also point to many businesses having relatively poor mobile websites and ecommerce platforms not optimised for smartphones and tablets.

Indeed, the research showed fashion retailers are doing a better job of converting mobile shoppers than others, which it said reflects the fact they have “worked hard to improve the user experience for mobile shoppers in the last few years.”

However, it also acknowledged that fashion purchases tend to involve faster decisions than some other sectors.

Finance websites, for example, had the highest average abandonment rate of any industry at 83.5 per cent, which may reflect the nature of the products and services they offer.

SaleCycle added that if businesses with ecommerce platforms want to make the purchase process smoother for mobile shoppers, they should introduce features such as guest checkouts and bigger form fields.

[Infographic] The Remarketing Report – Q1 2017SaleCycle