Halfords has revamped its marketing approach in order to forge an emotional connection with customers.

According to the retailer, its marketing efforts had previously focused on issues such as price and promotion.

Karen Bellairs, the Marketing Director, said this led to customers not actually having much affection for the brand, knowing why it exists and staying loyal.

As a result, it has worked to gather more detailed customer data and insights and use this to create a campaign capable of inducing a warm emotional response.

The company hopes this will lead to a surge in footfall and traffic, as well as loyalty and like-for-like sales.

“We want customers to come to us in a bigger way and stay with us,” Ms Bellairs commented.

“Customers all know Halfords, it has been on the high street for 100 years and there are shops within 20 minutes of every UK household. But they didn’t know exactly what we offered.”

Ms Bellairs said the aim now is to help people understand why Halfords plays a role in their lives and build a relationship with them.

She acknowledged this is a big change to the company’s marketing strategy, but said Halfords is keen to push its brand and the depth of its product and service offering for the first time.

Ms Bellairs added that it wants to show people how a purchase from customers can give them peace of mind and make the difference between a good journey and a bad journey.

Another change of focus has been a greater effort to personalise its marketing, so it can target people in a far more individual way. 

“What this means is we can talk to customers with relevant information and targeted communication, rather than a blanket one-size-fits-all approach,” she commented.

Halfords overhauls marketing strategy in search for emotional connection Marketing Week