Have you thought about how promotional items could help you implement an in-house fitness programme?

It's a good idea, because according to one business expert, a firm that has healthy workers is likely to see increased business productivity.

Motivational speaker Roger Harrop said that encouraging staff to cycle to work and back, do some exercise in their lunch break or take part in company activities like five-a-side football are some of the ways to drive business productivity.

“It is good for the productivity of the business if employees get fresh air and get their endorphins moving [through exercise]. There cannot be any doubt about that in my view,” the expert stated.

With a recent study by the sportswear brand Helly Hansen finding that more than two million British workers exercise during their lunch break, now is a great time to use some promotional items to implement some internal fitness schemes.

Let's say you land some reduced gym memberships for your staff – how about giving them printed keyrings to attach their membership cards to?

Or if you're setting up a five-a-side tournament, how about some proper corporate clothing to set up the first company football team?

Posted by Robin McCrink