The growing popularity and importance of the mobile channel from a brand marketing perspective has been emphasised by recent data from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and IHS Markit.

Global figures showed that mobile advertising revenue rose by 60.5 per cent in 2016 to €63 billion (£55.7 billion), up from €39 billion in the previous year.

The report noted that this growth has been fuelled by improving marketing technologies and the emergence of a “mobile-first consumer world.”

As far as particular components of the sector are concerned, mobile display recorded the highest growth in revenue at 64.3 per cent. This segment increased its share of global mobile ad spend to 54 per cent, or €34 billion.

Mobile search, meanwhile, saw revenues increase by 61.1 per cent year on year to €27 billion, accounting for nearly 43 per cent of of total mobile ad spend.

In the mobile messaging segment, growth was relatively slow at 11.2 per cent, which was attributed to a trend of users moving away from operator-owned messaging services onto app-based platforms.

Messaging now accounts for only 3.1 per cent of mobile ad spend around the world  at €1.9 billion in financial terms.

These figures follow the June 2017 publication of digital advertising revenues by the IAB, which showed that the first quarter of the year delivered the highest ever Q1 earnings for digital advertising in the US.

Revenues reached $19.6 billion (£15.2 billion), an increase of 23 per cent, or $3.7 billion, from a year earlier.

IAB Europe, IHS Markit and IAB Report: Global Mobile Advertising Revenue 2016 IAB