Promotional lanyards seem like the obvious solution for carrying the alarms that staff need working on a psych ward.

The only problem is that there has been concern they could represent a strangling hazard if grabbed by patients, reports ABC Local.

An innovative solution has been found by an employee at the Napa State Hospital in the US however, that means the lanyards come apart if someone pulls on them with too much force.

Each promotional lanyard is fitted with a small emergency alarm, which allows workers to transmit signals to hospital police if they get into a situation where they need backup.

The solution was thought up by Mike Jarschke, a member of the hospital's tech team and it has been praised by the management.

Mike McQueeney, a hospital administrator, said: “I had no doubt he could come up with something; the people who are most affected by it are the ones who'll come up with a solution.”

Napa State employee solves lanyard problem, ABC Local

Posted by Robin McCrink