Kia is launching a new brand message designed to highlight the technology, design and driving experience offered by its vehicles.

According to Artur Martins, European marketing director at the car manufacturer, it is stepping up its focus on some of the key attributes of its cars, rather than its value credentials and features such as seven-year warranties.

“There has been a gap in consumer expectations of Kia between what they expect from us and the reality of driving one of our cars – the quality and experience,” Mr Martins commented.

This, he said, means it is important to change how it communicates with consumers in order to get this point across more effectively.

Mr Martins stated that this new brand message will project a more mature and sophisticated image, which is more in line with the appearance it wants to convey.

He went on to point out that Kia is still a challenger brand in the automotive sector, as its market share is relatively small when compared to some of its major rivals.

However, Mr Martins said this means it has an opportunity to connect with its target audience in innovative ways and make the most of its status as a “fresh, young, dynamic” brand.

Although he hailed Kia as a “fast mover”, he pointed out that there are still too few people thinking about it when they are in the market for a new car, which means it needs to get its brand across.

The company has been promoting its new brand message at the recent Paris Motor Show, where its stand was presented in a notably different way than in previous years.

For instance, the display was deliberately made more streamlined, with the emphasis on a relatively small range of cars to get its message across.

There was also a concerted effort to offer a more consistent brand experience by ensuring the Kia logo was evoked in the stand’s appearance.

Kia shifts message to push more ‘sophisticated’ brand positioning, Marketing Week

Posted by Robin McCrink